The Boomslang cave Table

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Many people may be unaware that the Kalk Bay area of the Table Mountain National Park is riddled with caves. In fact there are more than 6o caves with names ranging from Devils Pit to Surprise Grotto and Spookgrot.

The Boomslang Cave is one of the many that is easy to access and offers an opportunity for a bit of exploration. If you are planning to try a little caving it is best to go in summer (when its dry) wear old clothes and take a torch!

To get there park in Boyes Drive just before the road turns left and begins to head down into Kalk Bay. The path begins with some steep steps and over a couple of wooden bridges before arriving at a junction just before you cross a small stream. This small clearing called “Weary Willies”. You take the left hand fork signed “Echo Valley.

Weary Willies clearing is a good place to rest and refill waterbottles

Head up this path for 30 minutes until you reach a large clump of rocks. The path is quite steep but the steps are well maintained so you should make good time. Just past this clump of rocks look out for a small path leading off to the left. Although the path is quite clear it is quite easy to miss. Follow this path up towards Cave Peak.

Another half an hour will bring you to the entrance of Boomslang Cave. Next to it is the entrance to White Dome cave. The 2 caves are actually connected but by a very small tunnel.

The entrance to Boomslang cave

To get into the cave you have to do a short scramble over some boulders and then duck into the cave itself. You can follow this cave for +/- 150 metres through the mountain. There are places where in winter you can get pretty deep pools of water and in summer deep muddy patches. There is also an area where you a forced onto your hands and knees. Do not go in without a torch.

Inside Boomslang cave

You may well encounter bats whilst in the cave. Please don’t shine your torch directly onto them or bother them more than you have to. They will not suck your blood and merely want to be left in peace.

When exiting the cave simply follow the path back onto the Echo Valley Path.