Hiking in the Hout Bay area of Cape Town

The Karbonkelberg is the largest of the peaks that tower over the Northern side of Hout Bay. Viewed from the top of Chapmans Peak there are 2 visible peaks that tower over the sea to the left of Hout Bay. The Sentinal is the smaller more Southerly peak with the taller Karbonkelberg behind it.


The top of Chapmans Peak

Karbonkelberg viewed from the top of Chapmans Peak

The round trip to the top of the Karbonkelberg should take you +/- 4 hours. You follow a very eroded jeep track the whole way up so it is relatively easy navigation.To get there drive through Hout Bay past Mariners wharf. Turn into Karbonkel rd and then right into Bayview Rd. At the top of Bayview rd park your car and pass through a gate to continue up the track.  The road is relatively good initially, becoming steadily worse as you get further on. The road was built as access to an old world war 2 radar station found at the top so hasn’t had much maintenance for a while. I have mountain biked up this road but the sandy patches are impossible so now prefer to walk. After about an hours hiking along the road you come to a junction. Keep right here. The second half of the road is seriously sandy and eroded with some very steep sections but still very clear.From the top at 648 metres the views are fantastic. It has some extremely severe drops into the sea though so be very careful especially on a windy day. I find myself only capable of lying down and peering over the edge. My friend Tony sits happily on the edge dangling his legs over! (he is a paraglider and has absolutely no fear of heights)


The cliffs drop straight into the sea

A long drop into the sea from the Karbonkelberg

One word of caution: This is one of the very few places on the Table Mountain where I would hesitate to go in a small group.Please be careful

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