Do I need a guide to walk on Table


Many people ask if it is necessary to have a guide in order to hike on Table Mountain and as with so many things in life there is no simple foolproof answer that applies to everyone.

Although in the middle of a city, Table Mountain is a mountain and needs to be respected as such. Approximately 180 people are rescued from the mountain each year. Many of these didn’t have enough water,  had incorrect footwear or simply lost their way on the extensive network of paths or when the cloud cover came in unexpectedly.

So, if you are not an experienced hiker I really do recommend you take a guide. If you are an experienced hiker, can read a map and have all the right gear with you. You should be fine to hike without a guide. You might however enjoy the additional information and “hidden secrets” that only the locals know. For example: the location of the Tranquility crags and the Aquaduct or the identity of the Red Disa and King Protea. You might also like to do one of the more “off the beaten track paths” such as Diagonal or India Venster.

If you do decide to hire a guide. Please ensure they are properly qualified. A hiking guide should be qualified in that particular activity and registered with the provincial registrar. ie. They should be able to show you a registration card which notes their qualification as a mountaineering or climbing guide.

Happy hiking!