Hiking at Cape Point

Hiking at Cape Point is a fantastic way to experience the most Southerly tip of the Cape Peninsula and the most Southwestern tip of Africa. Although there are plenty of trails to choose from the best includes a combination of beach, cliff and mountain hiking.

You start the trail at Platboom beach. Here the wide expanse of white sand, turquoise ocean and blue sky offer an idyllic start to your day. The first hour of the hike follows a small trail through the dunes towards Cape Point. In many places you can choose between walking on the beach, hopping from rock to rock or following the trail though the fynbos.

Cape Point hiking

Looking back towards Platboom beach

At The Cape of Good Hope there is a car park which is often full of tour busses with groups of people queueing up to take their photo by the sign. From the sign the path leads up onto the cliffs. Follow the path and you leave the crowds after 5 minutes walk.

Cape Point hiking

At the Cape of Good Hope

The next hour of the hike takes you along the cliffs towards Cape Point itself. This is the busiest section of your walk today but considering the number of people who visit Cape Point it is amazing how few take the opportunity to follow this trail. The views are spectacular and looking over the cliffs down onto the nesting birds totally awe inspiring.

Cape Point hiking trails

Hiking from The Cape of Good Hop to Cape Point

Cape Point itself is a very touristy area but it is worth following the crowds up to the old lighthouse and then along the cliff path to look at the new lighthouse.



The Old Lighthouse at Cape Point

Cape Point lighthouse

Next you head away from the carpark and up Da Gama peak. The next hour is the steepest climb of the day. Within moments you are away from the crowds and cannot help but compare how different this side of the point is to the other. Now alongside False Bay there are far fewer beaches and small hills rather than beaches line the shore. The fynbos is thicker with some trees and as always the views are wonderful.

Da Gama peak. Cape Point

Looking out from Vasco Da Gama peak

The path now leads you back down to sea level and begins to take you back towards the West coast where it rejoins the path you followed this morning for the last 20 minutes back to Platboom.

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