The changing conditions of a

 Table Mountain hike

Your Table Mountain hiking guide will ensure you are prepared for the changing conditions of Table Mountain

I had the most wonderful hike on Table Mountain yesterday. We took a fairly common route. Up Platteklip Gorge then from the Table top we hiked to Maclears Beacon before taking the cable car down. We took it easy on the way up the mountain with lots of stops to admire the views.  So having started hiking at 8.30am we reached the top at 11.30am. At the start of the hike it was a beautiful day. Very little wind to speak of, we were all dressed in shorts and T shirts. Not a cloud in the sky.

Conditions remained the same for the majority of the climb. The wind picked up gradually as we got higher but it remained warm and clear. After a brief stop at the top we headed for Maclears Beacon. We now realised the breeze had become a wind and had to put on tops and long trousers, however it was still beautifully clear and the views over the backtable were as outstanding as usual.

On arrival at Maclears Beacon it was still 100% clear

We spent less than 15 minutes at Maclears Beacon and in that time the clouds began to creep in. At first small whisps were visible covering the saddle between Devils Peak and Table Mountain.

The cloud bank moving in over the Saddle

In a couple of moments the view across the Table Top towards the cable car had disappeared with a heavy cloud replacing the view. 

In a very short time the Table Top was covered in cloud

Deciding not to take the cliff edge path in the now quite strong wind we headed back towards the cable car. Although still clear across the back table we could now see the cloud bank covering the 12 Apostles. Arriving at the cable station, Camps Bay was hidden beneath a thick layer of heavy cloud whilst the city was still clear.

A thick layer of cloud covering the 12 Apostles

In the time it took us to buy cable car tickets and begin to ride down the views of the city were obliterated.  

The view of the city from the cable car was obliterated by clouds

The moral of the story? Whatever conditions are like when you leave on your Table Mountain hike. Always be prepared for the conditions to change.