Hike to a cave on Table


Explore some of the less well known hikes on Table Mountain with Ridgway Ramblers

Muizenberg Cave is found on the slopes of Kalk Bay Peak which overlooks False Bay. There are several ways to reach the cave but one of the most spectacular routes begins and ends on Boyes Drive, the spectacular road that runs above Muizenberg and Kalk Bay with magnificent views of False Bay for the entire distance.

There are several paths leading off Boyes Drive into the mountain. You need to take Bailys Kloof which is which is above Baileys cottage which overlooks surfers corner beach.

Baileys Kloof is well marked off Boyes Drive

 The path is a series of steep stone steps which slog uphill for about 10 minutes. At a junction keep straight ahead and up into the mimetes valley. Here the path begins a slower and more gentle climb up the valley. From the junction it is about half an hours climb until you reach the Silvermine gravel road. Take the right hand fork and keep a look out for a path leading off to the right. (if you reach Nellies Pool you have gone about 5m past the path!)

The path to the cave is just before Nellies pool

Follow the path for about 5 minutes and you will arrive at Muizenberg cave. It has a large gaping entrance with 2 smaller entrances to the right. You can walk into the larger of these for about 6m, but beware of slipping as the rocks are often wet and slippy.

The entrance to Muizenberg Cave

To return to Boyes drive return along the path for a short distance and take the small path to the right. (do not return all the way to the gravel road) This path will lead you to the top of Kalk Bay Peak with some fantastic views.

Looking accross False Bay from Silvermine

 The top is marked by a cairn. Once past the cairn keep going straight to a junction. Left will take you accross the top of Farmer Pecks valley for about 20 minutes. Turn right where you come to a junction and a further 5 minutes will bring you to a 4 way junction. Straight ahead will take you to the top of Muizenberg Peak. The way down is via Pecks Valley on a steep path of seemingly endless stone steps.

The endless stone steps of Pecks Valley

After about an hour you will be back on Boyes drive about 500m from your car.