Hike on Table Mountain

For anyone of reasonable fitness, a hike on Table Mountain is an absolute must when visiting Cape Town.

The majestic cliffs of Table Mountain towering over the city and visible for kilometers out at see must be one of the most recognisable sights in the world. However for those of us lucky enough to live at the foot of the mountain there is so much more to know about it than just that view.

A view of Table Mountain

One of the most famous views in the world

The surface area of Table Mountain is 56 km sq, and within that area there are more species of plant than the whole of the British Isles! Each area and slope of the mountain is entirely different. Just compare the green forested side above Kirstenbosch to the dramatic cliffs of the 12 Apostles. At this time of year (March) there are a number of rare orchids flowering, plus the magnificent King Protea is opening. In fact throughout the year there is always some beautiful wild flower to be found on the mountain.


Within that 56km sq, there are a myriad of paths that explore all sorts of gems, only known to hikers. For example Tranquility cracks, Grootkop caves, the Aquaduct, valley of the red gods…….I could go on forever! Most days you can hike for hours and see only 2 or 3 other people.

Tranquility Cracks

Exploring Tranquility Cracks.

So next time you are visiting our wonderful city. Take the time to explore Table Mountain. It is not one of the worlds Natural wonders for nothing.

  • Get away from the crowds and take a hike on Table Mountain

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