Hike up Table Mountain

A hike on Table Mountain is the highlight of a visit to Cape Town.

Table Mountain is part and parcel of the city of Cape Town. It is this magnificent backdrop that makes the city such an internationally favourite destination. Wherever you are in the city Table Mountain dominates the scenery with its imposing and craggy cliffs.

Table Mountain towering above the city of Cape Town


Away from the crowds on a hike on Table Mountain you can walk all day and not see another person. There are a number of totally different hikes to choose from depending on which side of the mountain you choose to climb. Each route is characterised by different plantlife, scenery and views. On the way up the different layers of rock are clearly visible whilst on top the weird and wonderful rock formations created by years of weathering create fun climbing spots.

Climb on one of the weathered rock formations on Table Mountain


Many hikers are surprised at the size of the mountain behind the imposing cliffs above the city. The area of the Western Table top which is visited by several hundred people an hour (courtesy of the cable car)  is perhaps 500m sq. The area of the entire mountain is in excess of 50km sq.

Escape from the crowds on a hike on Table Mountain


Some of the highlights of a hike on Table Mountain include:

  • The 360 degree views from Maclears Beacon.
  • Lunch in the beautiful Tranquility Crags
  • A photo from the Kasteelspoort lookout point
  •  A visit to the reservoirs built in the late 1800’s
  • A visit to the waterworks museum
  • A rare sighting of the shy clipspringers
  • Hiking through the indigenous forests above Kirstenbosch Gardens
  • Scrambling up the ladders in Skeleton Gorge.
  • Pristine fynbos and clean streams and waterfalls

Join Ridgway Ramblers on a hike on Table Mountain and discover the real mountain away from the crowds.