The circle of Islam around Table


Dotted around the Cape are a number of “Kramats” These  are holy shrines and tombs of “saints and friends of Allah” many of whom were brought unwillingly to the Cape as slaves.  Many of these shrines are found at the base of Table Mountain and are said to form a circle and it is believed that anyone living within this cirle is protected from natural disasters such as flood, fire or earthquake.

It is possible to visit these shrines on many of the hikes on Table Mountain. One of the most visited is the shrine between Lions Head and Signal Hill.

The Kramat on Signal Hill road

To get to this site you can either follow the path from the main Lions Head parking area, or walk down from the Lions Head Path directly to the Kramat.

Another easily accessible kramat is found at Oudekraal. If you follow the main road from Cape Bay, as you pass Oudekraal there are a number of pathways leading up to the mountain from parking areas along the road. The walk itself is +/- 15 minutes.

One of the Kramats on the Western slopes of Table Mountain

Other sites with kramats are; Robben Island, Zandviet farm and on Tokai Rd in Constantia.