Cape Town hiking

A beautiful hike in Cape Town is to the top of the Kalk Bay peak. You can be to the top and back in less than 3 hours and in that time have gone through 2 beautiful stretches of indigenous forest and enjoyed some fantastic panoramic views.

Park your car on Boyes drive  just before it reaches Kalk Bay. The path begins with some steep steps that ascend the mountain for +/- 20 minutes before you reach a junction. This is called “weary willies wait” and you will return passed this spot on your return journey.

The junction

Weary willies wait!

Take the left turn and continue up the mountain for a further 15 minutes before entering the enchanted forest. Here the steep cliffs of the Echo valley have sheltered a small stretch of gorge and allowed a small patch of this wonderful forest to survive.

The path through Echo Valley

The enchanted forest above Kalk Bay

All too soon you emerge from the forest and after a further 5 minutes you take the path to the right signposted into the Amphitheatre. This leads you to a “box canyon” and a good place for a tea break.

Many paths lead out of the Amphitheatre. Take the one on the East leading back towards Kalk Bay. After 10 minutes on this path you pass the turn for the Spes Bona Valley. You will return here after your visit to the peak. For now keep straight ahead and at the next junction take the right fork.

This is the path that leads to Kalk Bay Peak. After 5 minutes you pass a first beacon. This marks the actual highest point of 516m.

The view of Table Mountain

Looking North towards Table Mountain from Kalk Bay peak

However it is well worth continuing along the path for a further 15 minutes to the next beacon. Although slightly lower at 507m, from here the views are absolutely unbeatable.

Enjoying the view at Kalk Bay Peak

Enjoying the view of False Bay

After enjoying the view return to the Spes Bona Valley and descend here. This is another beautiful stretch of indigenous forest. After about 30 mins you reach a junction and turn right. 10 minutes later you will be back at Weary Willies and continue down to your car.

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