The Wolfberg Cracks

The Wolfberg Cracks is one of the most amazing hikes in South Africa. It is found in the Cederberg mountains about 3 hours from Cape Town.  It is an out and back route starting at the Sanddrif cottages and campsite. To the Cracks and back should take you around 4 hours. You do need a permit to do this hike which can be bought at the farm before you leave.

From the campsite follow the jeep track towards the mountain. If you are there in the summer make sure you start early as there is no shade on the climb which is severe. It in obvious path which winds its way up the mountain towards the obvious cracks above you.

Looking towards the Cracks

From the bottom you can see the gaps in the rock face above. The path is steep and should take you around 2 hours to get to the base of the cracks. The first crack on the left is clear and wide. It is impressive, but a far more fun way through the cracks is through the now obscured right crack. To get there you need to scramble up the wall on your right , then follow the ledge around to the right. After a 2 minute walk you will see the path leading into the first cavern.

From here you walk literally through the mountain. There are several pplaces where it is a bit of a squeeze. I have one friend who is well over 6 foot and built like a rugby player. It took a bit of hauling to get him though some of the cracks – so be warned of you are claustrophobic!

Photos of the Wolfberg Cracks

Unfortunately the light (or lack of it)  in the cracks makes photography difficult, hence I only the 2 photos above which although impressive fail to catch the adventure of this hike!

Getting right through the mountain should take you around an hour. Here the path continues to the Arch. Return via the first crack which takes you in 10 minutes back onto the path over looking Sanddrif.

Looking back down into the valley

Another hours hike down the mountain and you are back at the campsite.