A scramble route onto the back of

Table Mountain

Someone told me the other day that there are over 600  walking and hiking trails on Table Mountain. I have no idea if this number is correct but there are an amazing number. What is even better is that each walk has its own character and can be a totally different experience to one only a kilometre away.

 Agathas Gully is a short but strenuous scramble beginning at Constantia Nek. Follow the path from the Nek to where it joins the cement road after the first corner. Here, instead of following the cement road up, follow it straight on to a dead end and look for the path that leads up the mountain from here.  Follow the path around to the right as it traverses above Hout Bay. The views even at this low level are terrific and quite different from those if you follow the more traditional routes onto the back table. After 50 metres on the traverse you follow a faint path that drops down through the proteas and continue right around the back of the mountain to Agathas Gully itself.

The view of Hout Bay, from Agathas Gulley

The view of Hout Bay, from Agathas Gully

 The Gully at the moment has clearly been affected by the heavy rains of the past few years, so a bit of scrambling is required over loose rock.

Looking up Agathas Gulley

Looking up Agathas Gully

 Half way up the gully you take a left turn, through a small overhang, and again continue to traverse the mountain. Now right above Orange Kloof the views of Grootkop and the rest of the back Table are magnificent. More scrambling follows, continuing to move to around the mountain until you join the Constantia Corner path just before the camel rock.

Follow the path to the De Villiers reservoir and from there, either continue along the Back Table or follow the road back to you car at the Nek.

Admiring the view from the top

Admiring the view from the top

Explore some of the lesser known paths on  guided hike on Table Mountain