A short hike on Table Mountain

There are numerous short hikes on Table Mountain and in the Cape Town area. Here is one of my favourites found in the Hout Bay area.

Hout Bay and the area surrounding it has some of the most beautiful scenery in Cape Town. The combination of a variety of peaks, the famous Chapmans Peak Rd and the harbour offer such wonderful views that even the most cynical  must be overawed.


Hout Bay

The view of Hout Bay from Chapmans Peak

The area also offers a number of hiking trails ranging from extremely strenuous to relatively easy. One of the most rewarding is the climb to the top of “Little Lions Head” or Klein Leeukop. In the picture above this small peak is immediately visible as the small distinctly sugarloaf shaped peak in the middle. The highest point of this peak is 437m, and the hike starts friom a height of +/- 200m. So the climb is only some 230m. It is steep however and there is some very easy scrambling at the end. So although you don’t need to be extremely fit to do this hike, it is not a complete doddle.



Below you to the right there are spectacular views of Llandudno, whilst behind you is Table Mountain.

Llandudno corner

Table Mountain viewed from little lions head

The hike to the top should take you less than an hour. After a rest to enjoy the views return down the same path

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