More hikes in the Cederberg Mountains

The Cederberg mountains are found about 3 hours North of Cape Town in South Africa. It is an extensive wilderness area well known for its fantastic rock formations. There are hundreds of trails to do and although offers wonderful camping opportunities there are also many hiking huts you can make use of. The huts

Hiking in the cederberg

Miles from anywhere

are pretty basic but can be a great escape from either the extreme cold or blinding heat. Both of which can occur at any time.

Here are some photos of a recent hike I did in this area.

An early morning above the clouds

An early morning above the clouds


Heading off into the mist

Heading off into the mist

South African hiking

One of the hiking huts

Cederberg hiking

One of our campsites

For more information on a guided hike in the Cederberg Wilderness area contact Binny