Table Mountain wildlife

  Table Mountain wildlife We may not have the big five in the Cape Town area, but this certainly does not mean that there is a lack of wildlife on Table Mountain. Ranging from the shy klipspringer to the cheeky dassie you can be sure that while you are hiking on Table Mountain whilst you might not see them, there is a multitude of wildlife keeping an eye on you. […]

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Table Mountain – The watcher of the South

  If legend is to be believed, Table Mountain is actually “The watcher of the South”  Umlindi Wemingizumu, one of the giants created by mother earth Djobela to guard the earth from the menacing sea. […]

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Mandelas Gold

  When you next visit Kirstenbosch Gardens take a look at Mandelas gold. This is a yellow Sterilitzia plant named in honour of President Mandela. The unusual golden yellow colour of the plant took 20 years of carefull cross pollination to delevop. […]

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The Fynbos plant kingdom of Table Mountain

  The fynbos plant kingdom Floral kingdoms are derived from the species, genera and families of plants that are endemic to a region. (that is found nowhere else in the world) The Fynbos plant kingdom found on Table Mountain and covering much of the Western Cape of South Africa is the smallest of the 6 plant kingdoms found in the world and is the most species diverse. To give you an idea of this diversity, compare the fact that per 10,000km of fynbos there are an average of 1300 different species of plant, whilst in the Brazilian rain forest over the same surface area there is an average of only 400 different species. Add the fact that 70% of these species are only found here and you will realise that the plants found on Table Mountain are pretty special. […]

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Strolling with penguins in Cape Town

Cape Town in South Africa is one of the few places in the world where you can really up close and personal with a penguin in the wild. Since 1984 the African penguin (previously called the Jackass penguin)  has been nesting on Boulders Beach in Simonstown. Since the original pair in 1984 the colony has grown and is now home to several thousand of these endearing and comical birds. […]

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Winter walks in Cape Town

Winter walks in Cape Town Unlike the rest of South Africa, the wet season in Cape Town is the winter months of June, July and August. We have the so called “Mediterranean climate” of warm, dry summers and mild, moderately wet winters. A perfect climate really. We don’t suffer from humidity or large and dangerous thunder storms. The average maximum summer temperature is a very comfortable 26 degrees centigrade, while in the winter it is 18 degrees centigrade. (still very comfortable) The wettest month of June and August still only average 13.7  days of rain. So we still have 17 wonderfully clear days to walk in even in our wettest month. […]

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Table Mountain is always open

The cable car will be closed for annual maintenance between July 23rd and August 5th. This however does mean that you cannot still walk up Table Mountain. Walking up Table Mountain offers you the chance to really experience Table Mountain as a mountain. Not just another view spot. There are numerous routes up the mountain depending on what you want to see, how strenuous a walk you want etc. […]

Table Mountain National Park

The first person to mention the importance of protection of Table Mountain waas in 1923 by General Jan Smuts.  He described the mountain as “our most precious posession, part not only of the soil, but also of the soul of South Africa” Sadly his words passed unheeded! Table Mountain – our most precious national asset Despite the establishment of the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve in 1939 it was only in 1951 the Van Zyl commission was appointed to investigate the preservation of Table Mountain as a national asset. Its recommendations led to the establishment of an advisory board, but still in reality little was done to protect the mountain. […]

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What is there to see on top of Table Mountain

What is there to see on top of Table Mountain The top of Table Mountain is such a wonderful and diverse place that it is [...]

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What will I see from the top of Table Mountain

What will I see from the top of Table Mountain The view of the city of Cape Town from the top of Table Mountain is [...]

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