Misty Table Mountain hikes

  Winter hikes on Table Mountain sometimes offer the most unexpected surprises. Twice this week Cape Town was covered in a thick cloud completely obscuring the mountain. It seemed like the hike would be one without many views. However our decision to walk anyway was well worth it. Within half an hour we emerged above the clouds! […]

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Hiking in the Silvermine area of Table Mountain

  Hiking in Silvermine National Park Silvermine National Park is an area within the Table Mountain National Park between Cape Town and Cape Point. It offers some really wonderful trails, both strenuous and easy with amazing views and flora. […]

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Beautiful views from Table Mountain

  Enjoy the beautiful views from Table Mountain The number of different views from Table Mountain are outstanding. There are of course the standard city views from “touristville” (the cable car area) which should not be missed. But by taking a hike on Table Mountain you escape the crowds and see a whole range of views of other areas of the city and the peninsula that you miss unless you stretch your legs a bit. […]

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Hike on Table Top Mountain

  Don't let the rain put you off! The weather in Cape Town is notoriously unreliable! Something about having this lump of rock right next [...]

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Fresh spring water on Table Mountain

Right in the middle of the Southern suburbs is the Newlands spring which SAB uses to make its beer. I am not sure what difference that will make to the beer, but the spring is open to the public to anyone who would like to drink pure spring water instead of municipal water – (Cape Town water is 100% clean and drinkable but of course has some added chemicals etc) […]

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What is there to see on top of Table Mountain?

¬†What is there to see on top of Table Mountain? A number of people who have hiked with me have been very surprised at how expansive the top of Table Mountain is and how much there is to see up there. Table Mountain is SO MUCH MORE than a great view from the cable way station. So, what is there to see on top of Table Mountain? […]

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Cable car closed for maintenance

  Each year the cable car closes for essential maintenance and this year it will be closed between July 22nd and August 25th. […]

Can I hike on Table Mountain in the winter?

In answer to the question, Can I hike on Table Mountain in the winter is a resounding yes, yes, yes! Cape Town enjoys a Mediterranean climate of hot dry summers and mild wet winters. However this does not mean that every day in winter (June, July and August) are wet and miserable. Quite the opposite in fact. […]

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Wildlife on Table Mountain

The wildlife on Table Mountain At first sight Table Mountain may appear a pretty barren lump of rock that would be unable to support too much wildlife. However there is a multitude of wildlife on Table Mountain, some very rarely seen but some have become quite used to human presence and are often seen by hikers on the mountain. One of the most adaptable orders seems to be the rodents. And when I say rodent please don’t just think of disease carrying rats. Rodents are identified as animals that have continually growing incisor teeth that need to be worn down through continuous gnawing. It is a hugely varied order with 40% of mammal species in the world being rodents! […]

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Is it safe to hike up Table Mountain?

  Is it safe to hike up Table Mountain? One of the questions I am constantly being asked is ” Is it safe to hike on Table Mountain?” The simple answer is absolutely yes. It is totally safe to hike on Table Mountain although you do need to obey some cardinal rules. […]

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