Hiking trails close to Franchoek

Nestled between towering mountains in the beautiful Cape winelands lies the magnificent Franschoek Valley. When visiting the town of Franchoek one would have to look towards the mountains and wonder about the hiking trails close to the town. […]

Hiking in Cape Point -The Ship Wreck trail

  Hiking in Cape Point – The shipwreck trail The Ship wreck hiking trail in Cape Point is a wonderful hike for the whole family. A circular route that should take you between 2 and 3 hours to complete, it takes you along the most beautiful stretch of beach and then back through wonderful fynbos. Not strenuous this route offers an opportunity to escape the crowds, explore some wrecks and see some wildlife. […]

Walking in Cape Point

Walking in Cape Point Cape Point, that jagged finger shaped promintory that thrusts out into the ocean is one of the most magnificent places for hiking in the world. You will find dramatic cliffs, seemingly unending stretches of empty white sand,  steep mountain paths and endless untamed beauty. Cape Point offers a number of beautiful and varied hiking trails The shipwreck trail in Cape Point To add to the interest of the hiking is the history of the area. Occupied for millenia by indigenous inhabitants, it took on particular significance to the Western world in the 15th century as Portugese explorers tried to find a sea route to the East. This rounding of the coast was especially dangerous due to the frequency of storms and the strong sea currents. The coastline is littered with ship wrecks many of which are visible from land. […]

Via Feratta in the English Lakedistrict

Adventurous hiking for everyone Via Feratta is the Italian word for "Road of iron" It is a term used to describe mountain routes with fixed [...]

Hiking in the Stellenbosch area

Hiking in the Stellenbosch area The Swartboskloof hiking trail The Jonkershoek Nature Reserve offers some of the best hiking in the Stellenbosch area.  The Jonkershoek mountains form part of the larger Boland range and consist of several high peaks and deep kloofs with many interesting and beautiful hiking trails throughout. The Swartboskloof hiking trail is one of the tougher trails but certainly one of the most rewarding. It covers a distance of 18km. With a steep 4.5km climb initially followed by a relatively flat hike across the the top of the mountains it ends with a steep hike down the steep Kruktrekkers Nek. […]

The lighthouse walk at Cape Point

The Lighthouse walk at Cape Point One of the “must do” day trips whilst you are in South Africa is a visit to Cape Point. Although now accepted as not the Southern most tip of Africa it is neverless an amazing place with dramatic and wild scenary and a rich history of discovery and adventure. If you don’t have time to get off the beaten track, the beaten one still offers the chance of a bit of excercise with a hike up to the old lighthouse and then a hike down to the new one. […]

A tough hiking trail close to Cape Town

A tough hiking trail close to Cape Town The Arangieskop hiking trail The Arangieskop hiking trail is a 2 day hiking trail found in the Robertson area which is about a 2 hour drive from Cape Town. It is quite a tough hike but with spectacular scenary and one of the most beautiful overnight huts in the Western Cape. […]

Hiking in Cape Point

Hiking in Cape Point The Cape of Good Hope is found an hours drive from the centre of Cape Town at the tip of the Cape Peninsula. A wild and lonely area it holds some of the most magnificent hiking in the world. With ship wrecks, sheer cliffs and a variety of wildlife to add further interest to a walk,  it really is well worth getting off the beaten track and exploring some of the many trails found in the area. […]

Training for Kilimanjaro on Table Mountain

Training for Kilimanjaro on Table Mountain Kilimanjaro, which is the highest mountain in Africa was first climbed in 1883 by a German geology professer called Hans Meyer. Since then the mountain has been summitted by literally thousands of people looking for the adventure and experience of a lifetime. The reason Kilimanjaro fullfills the dream of so many is that no special equipment or skill is required to reach the top. You do of course need to be relatively fit and very determined. But with these resources many people find the summit achievable. […]

Hiking at Cape Point

Hiking at Cape Point Hiking at Cape Point is a fantastic way to experience the most Southerly tip of the Cape Peninsula and the most Southwestern tip of Africa. Although there are plenty of trails to choose from the best includes a combination of beach, cliff and mountain hiking. […]