Cape Town – Britains favourite city

17000 readers of the British NewspaperThe Times, have voted Cape Town as their favourite destination worldwide. Pipping both Vancouver and New York at the post, [...]

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Enjoying the hike up Platteklip Gorge

  Enjoying the hike up Platteklip Gorge In the last couple of weeks I have been either up or down Platteklip Gorge at least 10 times. Always tough whether you are going up and down.  The arrival of xylaphone man has certainly eased the climb for me each time. […]

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Endangered species on Table Mountain

The International Union for the conservation of Nature has released a list naming the 100 most endangered species on the planet. On this list is the “Table Mountain Ghost Frog” An amphibian that is found ONLY on Table Mountain. […]

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Cape Point Hikes – Entry for free

  The National Parks of South Africa are offering all South Africans an opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of  Cape Point hike FOR FREE between 10th and the 15th Sept 2012. […]

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Table Mountain is always open

The cable car will be closed for annual maintenance between July 23rd and August 5th. This however does mean that you cannot still walk up Table Mountain. Walking up Table Mountain offers you the chance to really experience Table Mountain as a mountain. Not just another view spot. There are numerous routes up the mountain depending on what you want to see, how strenuous a walk you want etc. […]

A new shipwreck trail in Cape Town

Things to see in Cape Town Hiking to see shipwrecks around the Cape coastline is not an unusual activity. Our rocky and tretcherous coastline along [...]

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Hike on Table Mountain – a wonder of nature

Hike on Table Mountain - a wonder of nature For those of us who live within sight of Table Mountain it comes as no surprise [...]

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Cycling in Cape Town

The Pick and Pay Argus cycle tour Commonly known as "The Argus" the Pick and Pay Argus Cycle Tour which is traditionally cycled on the [...]

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The King Protea

Plantlife on Table Mountain One of the most enjoyable things about the plant life on Table Mountain is that it always has something flowering. Even [...]

Table Mountain cable car closure

Annual maintenance of Table Mountain cableway Please note that the Table Mountain cable car will be closed for annual maintenance between July 23rd and August [...]

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