Cable car closure for maintenance

  Please note that the Table Mountain cable way will be closed for annual maintenance from 26 July 2014 to 10 August 2014. This does [...]

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See the red disa’s on Table Mountain

  Hike to see the red disa’s Its that wonderful time of year when the red disa or Disa Uniflora is out on Table Mountain. This beautiful orchid is also the representative flower of the Western Cape and when passing one you cannot help but stop for a closer look. […]

Cecilia Waterfall. Table Mountain

  The Cecilia waterfall hike on Table Mountain Many people ask me what my favourite hike on Table Mountain is, and although I find it difficult to choose, the Cecilia Waterfall hike is always special. Its not long or particularly hectic, but has the most amazing scenery. […]

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Overseers cottage closed until further notice

  Unfortunately a big storm hit the city in early November and caused extensive damage  to the road leading up to the  Oversseers cottage found on [...]

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A sight to see on Table Mountain hike

  A sight to see on a Table Mountain hike I have just returned from doing the full 5 day Hoerikwagga or Table Mountain trail and had an absolutely fantastic time. Despite the weather being far from perfect we still saw some magnificent views and wonderful sights. […]

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Cable car closed for maintenance

  Each year the cable car closes for essential maintenance and this year it will be closed between July 22nd and August 25th. […]

2 day hike on Table Mountain

  2 day hike on Table Mountain If you are interested in doing a 2 day hike on Table Mountain Have a look at this [...]

Ridgway Ramblers tripadvisor certificate of excellence

  I am so proud to have been awarded the Tripadvisor certificate of excellence. This puts me in the top-performing 10% of all business world [...]

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Footsteps to Freedom

  A walking tour of Cape Town with Footsteps to freedom may not be as tiring as a hike on Table Mountain. It is however, a wonderful way to explore Cape Town and learn her chequered history in an unforgettable way. […]

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Tourists rescued from Table Mountain

  Yesterday (13 Feb 2013) 2 seperate groups of tourists were airlifted from Table Mountain suffering from dehydration. Thank heavens no one was seriously ill and all were released from hospital the same day. However this is not an unusual day for the mountain rescue here. If you are in Cape Town and would to hike on Table Mountain please please don’t underestimate her. Although a relatively small mountain (1085m) the surface area of the mountain is 56km sq. This means there are a myriad of paths with some wonderful hiking, but you do need to be prepared. […]

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