Wilderness first aid

Of course I hope I never have to use first aid whilst out in the mountains, however its always best to be prepared and with [...]

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Cape Towns drought

 You can still visit Cape Town despite the drought It is still very possible to have a rewarding and enjoyable holiday in Cape Town despite [...]

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2017 Certificate of Excellence

Check it Out! We've got the certificate of excellence again!! The 2017 certificate of excellence

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Can I hike up Table Mountain when the cablecar is closed?

Hiking on Table Mountain in July/August 2016 Just a reminder for anyone planning on visiting Cape Town and planning to get up to the top [...]

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Cable car closed for maintenance

Can I still hike on Table Mountain when the cable car is closed? For visitors to Cape Town between the 27th July and the 9th [...]

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Tripadvisor awards

Tripadvisor certificate of excellence 2015 I've just been awarded the 2015 certificate of excellence. Thanks everyone who reviewed a hike with me.  

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Tripadvisor reward

Ridgway Ramblers is delighted to announce it has yet again been awarded the tripadvisor excellence award for the year. Join us for a hike on [...]

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Cable car closure for maintenance

  Please note that the Table Mountain cable way will be closed for annual maintenance from 26 July 2014 to 10 August 2014. This does [...]

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See the red disa’s on Table Mountain

  Hike to see the red disa’s Its that wonderful time of year when the red disa or Disa Uniflora is out on Table Mountain. This beautiful orchid is also the representative flower of the Western Cape and when passing one you cannot help but stop for a closer look. […]

Cecilia Waterfall. Table Mountain

  The Cecilia waterfall hike on Table Mountain Many people ask me what my favourite hike on Table Mountain is, and although I find it difficult to choose, the Cecilia Waterfall hike is always special. Its not long or particularly hectic, but has the most amazing scenery. […]

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