A scenic Table Mountain hike

Scenic Platteklip Gorge One of the most well known and straight forward hikes up Table Mountain is Platteklip Gorge. This steep canyon goes pretty much [...]

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Is Table Mountain closed?

No. Table mountain is not closed! For 2 weeks every winter the cablecar up Table Mountain closes for annual maintenance but this absolutely does not mean [...]

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Hiking in the winelands of the Western Cape

Hiking up the Helderberg The Helderberg is the name given to the freestanding mountain in Somerset West. Observed from either side it consists of 2 [...]

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The best views in Cape Town

Sunrise hike on Lions Head When the alarm clock goes off well before it starts to get light it is easy to wonder why on [...]

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The Blind Gully Trail on Table Mountain

It never ceases to amaze me how many different routes there are up Table Mountain. All of them require some level of fitness and several [...]

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Table Mountain hikes.

Its been a while since I last blogged as have just been so busy on the mountain. Despite the drought Cape Town was exceptionally busy [...]

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Ethiopian Hiking

I've just returned from an amazing hike in the Ethiopian Simien mountains. It was a fantastic experience. At one of the many amazing view [...]

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The 12 Apostles Hike

The Kasteelspoort to the cable car hike on Table Mountain One of the really classic hikes on Table Mountain begins at the top of Kloof [...]

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Sunrise hikes in Cape Town

When the alarm clock go's along before the sun gets up it would be so easy just to roll over and go back to sleep, [...]

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Hiking to see the Disa’s on Table Mountain

Disa walks on Table Mountain People often ask me if spring is the best time to see the flowers on Table Mountain expecting this to [...]

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